Dental Anxiety

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Anxiety – the most common reason people of all ages avoid going to the dentist regularly.  At Weatherhill Dental, we understand there are many reasons why you may feel anxious about dental treatment.  We have listened to our patients describe how they are scared to death of going to the dentist.  It could be fear of loss of control, fear of embarrassment or fear of pain.  Not being able to anticipate what will happen next or lacking self-confidence because you are ashamed of how your teeth look and afraid of being judged will cause stress that keeps you away from the dentist.  Heightened sensory awareness can make your visit overwhelming as well.  Our staff recognizes that noise, light, scents, motion and even chair position can be triggers that make you uncomfortable.  Everyone is unique and we will take the time to review your prior history and develop approaches that will make your visit successful.  It will help us to avoid the stressors that make you feel out of control or fearful of being embarrassed.  Hand signals can be established to tell us to “stop”.  Distraction methods like listening to music with headphones to block out noise or watching a movie on your iPad can also be employee approaches we can create to make your visit agreeable and satisfying.  We also have sunglasses to block out light and will make chair adjustments to make you comfortable.

We can help. Weatherhill Dental offers a full array of dental services to meet everyone’s needs in the community.  After assessing your case we will determine if mild sedation is a good fit for you and the procedure.  Nitrous oxide, known as “laughing” gas is very good at calming the nerves of anxious patients.  We offer sedation dentistry which has become very popular and offers the patient relaxation, increased comfort, movement control for the dentist, patient co-operation, little to no memory of the operation and saves time due to fewer appointments needed to gain the desired result.

We care for our patients.  Personal care has become the hallmark of Weatherhill Dental.  For over 30 years, our staff has been servicing this community.  That is why our patients love to refer their family and friends to our practice.  Our caring staff makes sure that you are comfortable and receive the best care in a relaxed environment.

Read a review by our patient Collette H:

I had a dental phobia – my husband had to drive me to the dentist. I have been going to Weatherhill Dental for at least 8 years and can now not only drive myself but can actually have my teeth drilled without a sedative! The staff is so nice and cheerful. They always chat with you and put you at ease. I would tell anyone who is looking for a new dental office to go there. They are the best!

Exceptional Care with a Gentle Touch