Root Canal Therapy

“There’s nothing worse than having a root canal!” just isn’t true anymore. Now it’s more like “That was a breeze!”

Modern technology has taken away the scary reputation of having a root canal. This is “not your grandma’s” root canal. Root canals are comfortable, effective and quick. We even use digital images so there is no wasted time waiting for chemically processed X-rays That’s good for the environment and good for you! No harmful chemicals and dark rooms anymore, and with digital imaging, we use only a fraction of the energy of traditional X-ray films. Most treatment is completed in just one pain-free visit. Saving your tooth has never been easier.


A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp of the tooth is damaged, however the tooth can be saved. The cause might be deep decay, a previous large filling, cracks or chips in the tooth or trauma to the mouth. Usual symptoms are likely to include extreme sensitivity to hot/cold, swelling, pain to pressure or biting, pain for no reason at all, and sometimes even a bad taste in the mouth. During the root canal, the infected nerve and pulp are removed. The canals are cleaned, filled and sealed. After the tooth and bone have become more comfortable, the tooth will require a permanent filling. A tooth treated by Root Canal Therapy will need to be protected in the future with a crown to preserve the remaining tooth structure. Modern crowns are now metal free and will leave a tooth stronger and more beautiful than before the root canal treatment. Why suffer from a painful toothache? We can often arrange for an appointment the day you call.